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Awakenings in an Age of Angels 2nd Edition

Angela Butler

We will be designing a listing for the Church of Thomas in Wikipedia soon. Additional listings for Reconciler Gospel of Thomas and Bio for Angel Eliza are also in the works.  Anyone who would like to assist me in this new project, email me.
As a result there will be a pause in Sermon Postings until this Project is completed. God Bless and Keep you all. Take care of each other.
PS Mom is stable and enjoying one day at a time. Thank you for your Prayers.

     Thank you for all the Prayers for Mom. She is recovering slowly. I got back home a while back but I'll keep everyone posted on her Progress. Sorry I have not had time to post new Sermons until last week. I post some favorites from the past to keep Ya'll thinking. Take care of each other.
Hugs, Angel


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"Awakenings in an age of Angels"  
   If you need a hard copy, and money for you is short, talk to me about my sliding scale and scholarships.  We will help if it is possible.
Hugs, Angel

Seeing the World
Every Astronaut that sees Earth from Space gets a sense of oneness and lack of Country Borders. They often comment on the Unique Fragility of the place we call home.
RGoT (42) Jesus said, “Stand outside the World, to see the Whole.”
   Responsibility for Loving others as our selves should be the driving force in our lives of serving God.
RGoT (74) Jesus said, “The One sees how many are around the drinking trough. The One also sees that they do not try to fill the cistern. You can not take God’s Love without trying to give some back.”
   Many mainstream Churches are failing in relaying the Teachings of Jesus to go into the world and heal people. They seem content to build bigger church buildings. They often mention somewhere in the Service the need to donate to the Church. They often applaud loudly those who stand up and say how much they have contributed.
RGoT (93) Jesus said, “Do not tell Holy Truths to Pharisees who are like dogs. They will roll them in piles of shit to defile them.  Do not share your pearl of visions with closed minds. They are like swine that will grind them to bits to get the ‘Truth’ out of them. In both cases they will just hate you for your gifts.”
RGoT (102) Jesus said, “Beware Pharisees, for they are like snapping cur dogs sleeping in an oxen’s box. They neither eat the hay nor do they let the oxen have their feed.” 
RGoT (78) Jesus said, “ Why do you seek the river reed out in the desert? Why do you seek truth from a man of the Tribe of Levi, clothed in fine garments like your kings and your great men?  Upon them are the finery and clothes bought with the blood of widows and the sweat of slaves. They are blind to the Truth that stands before them.” 

RGoT (39) Jesus said, “The Priests and the bureaucrats have stolen the keys for accessing Knowledge and hidden them.  They refuse to enter. They have also blocked those seeking to enter.  You must be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.”